Friday, December 28, 2012

Pandas and Rainbows

             Have you ever been into a vacation where you just felt so bored and felt like doing nothing at all? Well, that's the kind of Christmas vacation I had and it only gave me stress with a capital S. And now, I have to cram my blog posts because of PROCRASTINATION!!! Anyhow, I missed putting up a blog post so I knew I just had to make one right away.

             Before I formally begin with my blog post let me greet you guys A MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS and, of course, A HAPPY NEW YEAR! The holidays make me L-A-Z-Y.
                  This photo shoot actually happened weekssssss ago and I just felt lazy ( this word will appear several times in this post) to create a post. Anyway, I love this shoot because we didn't expect to have such a lovely background- the dark skies... It showed a perfect contrast with what I'm wearing.

            I got the shirt from Artwork. It's a local store where you get really cool and cheap shirts with artsy and creative prints. I have 3 shirts from the store and I wear it most of the time coz it's comfy to wear especially in a hot or rather tropical country like the Philippines.

                     Now here's another work of art! My DIY shorts! I became fond of making DIY shorts for some unknown reason. Lol. But the fact still remains that I am in love with shorts!!!!!

                      If you're asking where I got the Aztec print espadrillas, the answer is Topman. I got it for my birthday last June. Anyway, that's it for this blog post. 'Til the next one...if I don't get lazy!

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