Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Are we dead yet?

"No! Never! I will never watch that show!"
These were the very words I uttered when my friends encouraged me to watch TWD.

NEVER and never in my wildest dreams did I think that I'll end up telling my friends that I'm now a scaredy-cat-turned-zombie lover. How can I? I could only imagine their laughing faces while telling me that I looked dead as a "walker" when I argued on how the show was horrible. So I resolved that the best way to tell them is through my blog which I know they rarely visit. Whew! This is an assurance that I'm safe from their mockery...FOR NOW.

You're probably guessing why I'm reacting so weird towards the show. It's probably because first, I'm really weird and second, I had the most terrible no-good-night-sleep-all-nightmares week all because of one episode on the show. Yeah, I'm pretty weird and so freaked out!!! That episode scared the hell out of me!!!!!!

That was the end of TWD in my life...and so was the beginning.

Last week I made up my mind to finally face my fears so I asked my friend to give me a copy of Season 1. At first I had hesitations but when I clicked the play button I knew there was no turning back! My initial response was to shut my eyes. My subconscious kept telling me to close the laptop and move on with my life. All the same, granted that I'm not a huge fan of horror stories, I went back to watching it.

And... BOOM! There I was, hardly trying to get out of my seat, addicted to the show I once loathed.

That makes me weirder doesn't it? :)

So now you're probably wondering why even I am hooked with it. Here's why.


Commonly known as zombies, they basically follow sounds like dogs but they could also see and smell human flesh. Once they get a hold of you they wouldn't have second thoughts to eat you. That's why the only way to kill them is through their brains (although technically they don't have theirs anymore). Another thing, the moment that you get scratched or bitten you'll die and then come back again but not as yourself but as a walker.

Everyone, including all Left4Dead players to blood-spilling lovers to regular people like me sure can't get enough on how these walkers prey humans. But the best part is when the characters wipe out these walkers. I find it thrilling whenever a character kills a walker! Real thrilling!


The characters compliment each other. Each of them has a story to tell. From Rick, the officer, who continues to fight for his family to Shane, his best friend, who had an affair with his wife. That's how the characters are so complicated! Ughh! I also love how the characters are so diverse. People from different race. There's Korean, American, African American.Everyone has an issue which brings different complications to the group. Everyone trying to fight to the finish. Yet, no matter how diverse they may be, they share a common thrust and that is to survive. 


As they say, the plot thickens. Revolving in a post-apocalyptic setting with zombies around and only a few survivors in a quest to find answers and the truth, The Walking Dead's plot makes it one of those unforgettable shows. I find the story development exhilarating and it's twists completely mind-boggling. The show leaves huge question marks on top of my head whenever I watch an episode. It makes me question on what's going to happen next, who's going to die next and all those sorts of question. Sometimes it just pisses me off when an episode ends with a cliff-hanger. IT'S SIMPLY AMAZES ME!

So if you're trying to decide if you'll watch or not. I'm telling you it's not too late. Have me as an inspiration and this picture. :))

One last thought bothers me...if this were a reality show would I be a survivor or would I say "Am I dead yet?"


  1. Steven Yeun (Glenn) isn't Chinese. He's a Korean.

    1. Can I borrow the copy? Please :) I watched some random episodes on the TV and I really wanted to know the whole story... Thank You!