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"Adventure Time! Come on, grab your friends we'll go to very distant lands. With Jake the Dog and Finn the Human the fun will never end, it's Adventure Time!"

During my semestral break I had a routine. Eat. Sleep. And yes, watch Adventure Time. I was watching it awhile ago when it hit me...ADVENTURE TIME WITH FINN AND JAKE is AMAZE BALLS! It was not until then that I finally told myself I had to write something about this show and since I have my own blog now I knew there was no better place to pour out my thoughts than here.

I was watching it awhile ago when it hit me...ADVENTURE TIME WITH FINN AND JAKE is AMAZE BALLS!

Who wouldn't love this show? From the nonsensical remarks of Finn the Human to the crazy antics of Jake the Dog, everyone will surely love it! But, if you don't know the show you better read on. 

Nickelodeon first aired the show but gave it up. Little did it know that its rival, Cartoon Network, saw its potential and ordered two seasons of it. That, I believe, is the best move Cartoon Network did because the show eventually bestowed its promise of revival for the network and of course a good laugh.
Both young and old are seriously hooked into it because of its humor and story (Please don't stare at me like I'm the only one who loves adventure stories). Furthermore, I can say the show has this some kind of magic (Probably some kind of magic from the Land of Ooo) that makes me more and more addicted to it. It's not that regular children show where it's all morals. Don't get me wrong, the show also has lessons to share but it takes a different twist to show them. 

One good thing about the show is that every single character has their own kind of silliness and wit that makes the show more interesting. The randomness of the lines of the characters is another thing that cracks me up. It's like serious for some time and the next thing you know you're laughing again. YES, THAT'S HOW FREAKIN' HILARIOUS IT IS! :)
And with that, I proudly present to you the two out-of-this-world main characters of Adventure Time!

1. Finn- A regular 14-year old boy who loves going on adventures and nothing more than saving the day. If you are baffled on what he is wearing, that's a hat that covers his extremely-flowing-golden-rapunzel-hair. He usually says random exclamations like "Algebraic" or "Mathematical!".  He has a lust for adventures yet he sometimes has problems on handling tough situations. Although he appears to be brave, Jake has fears as well like spiders and oceans.  

2. Jake the Dog- Jake is Finn's best friend (so cliche). He is a shape-shifting dog who is 28 years old in "magical dog years" (not-so cliche). He is Finn's adoptive brother who acts as a confidant and mentor to his super energetic brother. He is laid back at times but fights if needed. 

As for the recurring character, I believe you have to watch the show to know them yourselves. :)

As for me, I'm quite sure I'll watch it every single day and wouldn't miss a single episode for a dang good laugh. 
Adventure Time is that time when you can just sit back and relax on your couch and go along with the adventures of Finn and Jake. It's that time when you can you just reminisce your childhood days where you had adventures with your friends. It's that time when you get gaga over something and you loosen up for some time. It's that time when you just didn't seem to have a problem.

So the next time you open your television don't forget to ask yourself...

And I'll be the first to answer...

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