Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Forever and forever and forever...

November, besides Halloween, is the month for the much-awaited epic conclusion of the Twilight Saga- Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Needless to say, I'm a twi-hard fan and quite frankly I'm all antsy to watch the film! When I first watched Twilight, I was irrevocably in love with it.  There's something with the story of Edward (the hot vamp that everyone wants) and Bella (the poker-faced human who did next to nothing to deserve the vamp's love) that instantly captured my heart. Plus the fact that Jacob (the werewolf who made shorts the new fashion statement) completed the love triangle and in some ways tested the love story of Edward and Bella.

But kidding aside, I really am truly excited for the film! What will happen now that Bella's a vampire? What will happen now that the Volturi's after their daughter Renesmee? What will happen now that Edward and Bella's love is once again put to the test? What will happen now?  


This is a DIY tank top which was once a shirt. I had enough of the sleeves so I had to let go of them (it was painful to watch). Anyway, this top had been with me since I was in 4th year High School it was made for a project promoting the use of our native tongue.

The biker jeans was bought from BUM and it's actually pretty edgy. It was bought as a birthday present to me last year and I've worn this since then. If you think these pants look good then go buy one for yourself! Every penny is worth it! :)

Ta-da!!! My very first DIY shoes inspired by comic strips. I love reading comic strips and because of that I decided to put them on my shoes. Peculiar, eh? More of artistic!

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  1. I ALSO LOVE TWILIGHT! :) but most love your post :D ahaha! :)