Saturday, November 17, 2012

Graffiti Skies

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."

-Thomas Merton


At long last, a photo shoot with a graffiti wall! I've been looking forward for such a photo shoot and yesterday, together with my two other friends, we made my dream come to life!

Ever since I was a kid, I've been a lover of the arts particularly colors. It tickled my creativity and imagination. A sudden pleasurable excitement  flows through my veins whenever I see it. I used to put colors on nearly everything (including walls) and I could recall how my mom would reprimand me, tell me that what I did was wrong and give me a clean sheet of paper where I could color. Then and there I knew that what I did (in contrast to my mom's belief) was actually right-I FORMED ART!

Art comes in many forms. Poems. Short Stories. Songs. Movies. Paintings. Sculpture. Architecture. Food. Fashion. All of which, basically trying to convey a message and that is to express oneself.

Thus, that whole concept transpired in this very shoot. To value, appreciate and express myself through art. As I've said, art takes different forms and the medium I chose to present it was fashion and with a little bit of luck that graffiti wall behind me. 

University of the Philippines is one of the top Universities in the country. But unfortunately no, I'm not going to that school if that's what you're thinking. Lol. This shirt was handed down to be my brother who went to the University though technically I stole it from him. *evil laugh* The rough edges on the neck part had a pitiful history. HAHA. I was planning to make a decent v-neck but failed to do so. :( 

Cotton On is a new brand which I first learned from the David Guison. Anyways, my mom went to Singapore for 3 weeks and she bought me these cool shades. Because of this, I'm now an avid fan of Cotton On. Go check their stuffs at the Mall of Asia :)

Skateboarding is one of my greatest frustrations in life. Seriously! I've always wanted to try it since my brother did only I didn't have enough guts to even make an attempt. But since this is a photo shoot I had to try it out! Suprisingly, I can say I actually did great!

You can hype this look on lookbook

Here's a shot of me on my successful attempt to skateboarding! Cheers to art! :)

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